Headband Balantur

by The Colombian Marketplace


I am a headband, with a handmade headdress, made of a material that gives me structure to keep the bun.

What am i made of?

MAIN FABRIC: 100% polyester Fabric with technology that allows the textile to prevent the passage of UV rays, acting as a protective shield for your hair. This type of fabric captures and dries moisture caused by perspiration quickly, allowing you to feel comfortable and fresh.

I am 100% Colombian.


About the brand: 

MISS BALANTA TURBANS\ has born in a spontaneous way; Angelica Balanta, graphic designer grew up watching her mother wearing turbans, something that became her main inspiration. The need to rescue through fashion important elements of Afro culture in Colombia, has been the motivation to structure pieces of cloth and turn them into pieces of art. Empowering women and highlighting the values of Afro culture is the DNA of Miss Balanta.

Miss Balanta is a brand that has become a reference in the use of turban in Colombia and is committed to sustainable fashion and social responsibility.For this reason, she has participated in activities with foundations that worked with women suffering from cancer, donating time and turbans. Many of the participants say that Miss Balanta turbans are therapeutic headdresses, which makes them feel safe and beautiful despite the hard times that can happen with diseases such as cancer or alopecia and generate a positive position for people who accompany them in the process.