The creative process of a milk bath photoshoot

When I received the message from @vagabondebrunette  (Francia Benson ) asking me if I wanted to collaborate with her for the next blog post in her site. I was surprised when she told me that it was a milk bath inspiration. Immediately, my mind started to dream about how The Colombian Marketplace line could be framed and photographed in this kind of photo concept... but, you know... absolutely!


I asked Francia if I could get involved in the creative process, and also put on the table  my little experience as a photographer. To create an environment perfect for the concept, I bought pink Colombian roses. Their soft, delicate petals added to the faint glimmer of light.  A book, a candle, a travel magazine, and a bottle of wine were just the right props. The idea behind this conceptual photoshoot was to portray self-love and time for oneself.


Two creative minds can do wonders. In the beginning, we had water and petals of roses. The light of the candle reflected on the water. It was a beautiful and tender scene. Then, we added three gallons of whole milk and many more petals. It looked creamy and soft on the skin. The milk and her legs covered by pink roses.


Francia has a meaningful tattoo on her arm, "I will survive," it says. I wanted to help her to tell her story.  Photography is an art that can speak.

She held a  rose onto her face and delicately touched her face revealing her tattoo. (Insert photo here).


The whole photoshoot was exciting. It was a combination of different forms of art. The makeup done on Francia’s eyes was a dark eyeliner, which characterized Cleopatra.  Queen Cleo is believed to had milk baths as a beauty ritual. After a little while, we created more artistic photos focusing on her face and eyes. The result is astonishing! Francia,the camera, I, and the whole atmosphere all came together to create beautiful, graceful photographs.


The coverup we used in the photoshoot is perfect to be worn at the beach, at the pool, and in settings like the bathtub. Where you focus on giving pleasure to your mind and body through the senses. Those moments when you concentrate on indulging yourself.  Wear it at the spa, in a hotel room or at the hot springs. So many ways and places to wear it!


"One important thing to me is choosing my swimwear carefully to feel confident, comfortable, and sexy. Feeling confident enhances the beach or pool experience. The Colombian Marketplace has a beautiful variety of swimwear. From bikinis to coverup dresses. As some of you must know by now, I love me some pink. My coverup is cute, comfy, and perfect for those afternoons watching the sunset from a beach bar."...


The thing  I love the most about these kind of collaborations is getting to know great and talented people. Also, the fantastic support and values that we as individuals can bring to each other. In this particular opportunity, our Latin roots brought us closer.  Francia is from Honduras. She is an artist and expressed herself through the lenses of a camera, in her writing, and photo concepts.


"I want to give a shout out to Andrea Zambrano. What a talented woman. I am totally in love with her photos, her creativity, and dedication. Her work is exquisite."

We truly enjoyed the creative process together, and we had a fantastic time. Thank you @vagabondebrunette for this extraordinary experience! Thank you all for the love and support! See you next time soon! xoxo @thecolombianmerketplace


Andrea Zambrano

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